Psychometric Testing & 360° Feedback

We identify the tools which are appropriate to meet your organisation’s particular circumstances and project objectives. Whether you require assessments to support recruitment, performance improvement or individual/team development decisions, our range tools includes, for example:

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

    Widely used for individual, group and organisational development, the tool evaluates dispositions and requirements for e.g. communication, conflict management, innovation, team building and career growth.

  • FORTE Communication Tool

    Provides insights into primary communicative styles and preferences for interaction, adaptation, motivation, etc.

  • 16PF

    A measure of 16 separate personality traits, 16PF may be used to support recruitment and personal development.

  • FIRO-B

    Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation - Behaviour or FIRO-B assess our behaviour and preferences during the course of interpersonal interactions. Feedback may be used to e.g. optimise personal impact, increase job satisfaction/productivity and identify alternative behavioural styles.

  • Emotional Intelligence

    Widely used to drive personal growth and team productivity, the emotional intelligence questionnaire supports the effective management of e.g. conflict, stress, self-realisation, etc.

  • 360° Benchmarks

    The Benchmarks questionnaire is a 360° feedback instrument which offers key insights to support management development. The tool assesses self-perceptions against those of peers, subordinates and superiors, i.e. while providing a basis for individual growth/ development.