Organisational & Employee Training/Development Assessments

At RA Consulting, we apply a systematic and structured approach to the evaluation and assessment of training and development requirements. In determining such requirements, we first consider organisational goals, objectives, strategy and competitive positioning. This foundation is critically important in order to ensure that training and development interventions are assessed on the basis of an organisation’s specific requirements and not simply chosen from a generic list which fails to reflect underlying needs and hence offers little return on investment.

High level role requirements are considered in the context of incumbents’ knowledge, responsibility, competency, decision making and authority levels. Existing and necessary key performance indicators (KPIs) which drive the business and employee performance are then identified; associated training and development requirements are assessed in this context.

An assessment of the competency requirements necessary to support organisational efficiency, effectiveness and competitive positioning is undertaken. Through this process, training, development and competency requirements are defined in the context of a client’s particular business strategy and operating circumstances.

In addition to determining the training and development requirements necessary to support your business, we also identify the training interventions and specific pedagogical methodologies which are necessary to promote the development of both individual and organisational capabilities. This process is designed to ensure that in addition to identifying strategically integrated training and development requirements, appropriate training interventions and solutions are also determined.