Competency Definition, Development & Assessment

We work with clients not just to identify operational training and development requirements, but also to define the particular competencies which are critical to support their organisation’s competitive positioning and operational success.

In identifying and defining competency requirements, we first consider the client organisation’s strategy and then review its competitive positioning. Internal systems and methods of operation are also considered in order to identify the behaviours and competencies which are required to support efficiency and productivity improvement. Depending on the client’s particular operating circumstances, competency requirements may be identified and defined for areas including customer service, problem solving, communications, leadership, teamwork, interpersonal ability, etc.

Once supporting competencies have been identified, we develop detailed competency dictionaries which define expected behaviours in practical and understandable terms. Competency level requirements are assigned to roles on the basis of, for example, associated leadership and customer services requirements. Incumbents’ competency levels/deficits are assessed by considering competency definitions; training requirements are identified through the same process.