Career Development & Succession Planning

Consistent with the philosophy which is applied when determining training and development requirements, our approach to the assessment of career development/succession planning requirements is informed by the client organisation’s strategy and competitive positioning. This approach is adopted in order to ensure that career development and succession plans are assessed on the basis of the organisation’s specific requirements and ultimately support the retention of intellectual capital in key business areas.

After specific requirements have been clearly identified and agreed, we design individual career development plans which meet the requirements of first and second level incumbents/candidates. Personal career development plans are agreed with target personnel and action plans/ timescales are also developed.

This approach is adopted in order to engage succession candidates in the planning process. It also serves to gauge their interest in specific career development opportunities, increase retention levels, provide recognition and generally elicits higher levels of commitment and motivation.

As skill and capability gaps are identified, we consider the specific job and person specifications which are required to address such gaps as well as the potential vulnerability which would otherwise arise for the organisation.