Workforce Planning & Flexible Workforce Structures

At RA Consulting, we work with clients to develop workforce planning tools and methodologies which promote organisational efficiency and enhance effectiveness. As employee allocation decisions may sometimes be based on 'political' factors rather than genuine operational requirements, we have developed methodologies and tools to link resource and deployment decisions to operational requirements. Such tools are also used to assess and cost internal resource requests against quantifiable business benefits. Role classifications are used to allocate and redeploy personnel on the basis of business requirements and changing circumstances.

Flexible workforce structures are developed and introduced to provide for organisational responsiveness, efficiency and a reduction in operating costs. Consistent with the client organisation's strategy and competitive positioning, we identify 'core' and 'peripheral' employee categories as well as activities which can be outsourced, subcontracted or provided by agency personnel or other third party service providers. In addition to reducing overhead costs, this approach can be used to provide client organisations with greater flexibility to respond to changes in demand. Alternative compensation and benefit arrangements can also be offered to 'core' and 'peripheral' personnel so that costs can be minimised without affecting productivity or undermining intellectual property/competitive advantage.