Strategy Development & Business Planning

Whether your organisation is positioned either to deliver upon a statutory mandate, or to compete on customer service, quality, cost or innovation, we design and develop integrated strategies and business plans which support the achievement of objectives and promote competitive advantage.

We review and assess your organisation's mandate, key deliverables and operational priorities; an audit of exiting systems and processes is also undertaken to identify elements which either fail to support, or otherwise undermine the organisation's strategic direction. Once established, stakeholder inputs are gathered and we prompt debate in respect of the high-level elements which are required to support the achievement of your corporate objectives. Thereafter, more specific options and priorities are identified, developed and incorporated into draft strategic/business plans which are presented for endorsement.

Key performance indicators are also developed to provide a foundation for the effective implementation of the strategic or business plan. Detailed implementation plans are presented to support the effective and timely introduction of the new strategy or business plan.