Organisational Structure/Efficiency Reviews & Design Solutions

Does the structure and staffing of your organisation support or impede the delivery of strategic objectives?

Do you have the correct resources in place – deployed appropriately – with clearly defined roles, responsibilities and reporting lines?

Do strategic, operational or resource deployment gaps affect performance and the delivery of results?

Are you challenged by a structure which does not support the strategic potential of your organisation?

We undertake Structure & Efficiency Reviews to design or redesign organisational structures and deliver strategic/business objectives.

Detailed Organisational Reviews consider both the client organisation's 'current state' and 'future requirements' under headings such as:

  • Strategic direction
  • Structure, systems and staffing
  • Roles, responsibilities and reporting lines
  • Efficiency, productivity, operations and service
  • Organisational performance and
  • Role requirements

We work to identify the issues which are unique to the organisation and its operating circumstances. After we have validated findings, a blueprint for the streamlined organisation is developed and agreed. This identifies the structural (organisational design) solutions necessary to increase organisational efficiency in a consistent and strategically integrated manner. An implementation plan is also prepared to support a successful transition to the new structure.