HR Benchmarking & Competitive Positioning

Whether you are seeking to reduce staff attrition/intellectual property losses, position your organisation as an 'employer of choice' or simply ensure legislative compliance, we offer HR Benchmarking solutions which meet your specific requirements. At RA Consulting, we undertake HR Benchmarking audits in order to:
  • Identify how terms and conditions of employment compare with those offered by competitors
  • Analyse and evaluate elements which should be redesigned to meet 'best practice' standards
  • Implement the changes necessary to ensure legislative compliance.

As part of the HR Benchmarking process, we consider your competitive positioning to ensure that recommended changes to existing policies, terms and conditions of employment are appropriate to your organisation's strategy and direction.

The nature and extent of the benchmark audit is agreed with the client on the basis of need. High-level audits are undertaken where policies, terms and conditions of employment are relatively sophisticated and integrated with the organisation's strategic direction. More comprehensive audits are undertaken where the organisation's strategic direction is changing or where existing policies, terms and conditions require greater enhancement.