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Strategy & Organisation

Our Strategy & Organisation Service Line is dedicated to providing solutions in a number of interrelated areas which range from strategy development and business planning to organisational reviews, workforce planning and the development of flexible workforce structures.

  • Strategy Development & Business Planning

    We design and develop integrated strategic and business plans which support the achievement of corporate objectives, the realisation of statutory mandates and the promotion of competitive advantage.

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  • Organisational Structure/Efficiency Reviews & Design Solutions

    We undertake comprehensive Organisational Structure and Efficiency Reviews. After identifying impediments to structural, organisational and operational efficiency, we design, develop and support the implementation of appropriate structures and systems which optimise efficiency and promote competitive advantage.

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  • Workforce Planning & Flexible Workforce Structures

    We work with clients to develop workforce planning tools and methodologies which identify and support the effective deployment of your organisation's resources. In addition, we design and develop flexible workforce structures which provide for organisational responsiveness, efficiency and a reduction in operating costs.

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  • HR Benchmarking & Competitive Positioning

    Consistent with your objectives and competitive positioning, we develop and undertake HR benchmarking reviews with a view to positioning your organisation as an 'employer of choice' or more simply, ensuring legislative compliance.

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