Performance Management Systems

An effective performance management system should be integrated with, and supportive of, broader organisational strategy. When designing performance management systems, we first evaluate clients' mandates and competitive positioning; thereafter we develop customised 'balanced scorecard' (or similar) frameworks which are used both to drive the business and assess performance.

A strategically integrated approach is used to ensure that organisational goals and objectives cascade through different levels and guide the efforts of all functions, departments, teams and individuals, i.e. consistent with the organisation's broader strategy and business plan. Performance metrics and key performance indicators are identified and developed to support the business and ensure that the organisation can assess, evaluate and promote its performance.

In addition to drawing upon our experience in this area, we also incorporate fundamental principles of behavioural science into the design of performance management systems. As goal ownership is critical, our systems are constructed to promote employee motivation, commitment and management by objectives. Accordingly, organisational 'control' procedures gradually become redundant as employee ownership is promoted and commitment is harnessed.