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Organisational Performance

RA Consulting's Organisational Performance service line is dedicated to enhancing the performance of client organisations. Solutions range from the design and development of performance contracts and service level agreements to key performance indicators/metrics and performance management systems.

  • Performance Contracts

    In developing performance contracts, we define the outputs and deliverables which client organisations expect of the bodies, agencies or subsidiaries which are responsible to them. These are incorporated into performance contracts which support effective governance, performance management and the timely delivery of objectives.

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  • Service Level Agreements

    Our service level agreements are designed to define performance standards/expectations and identify deliverables which our client organisations can expect of third party service providers.

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  • Performance Management Systems

    In developing performance management systems, we evaluate clients' competitive positioning and develop a customised and cascading 'balanced scorecard' approach which is used to drive their business, i.e. while simultaneously evaluating, managing and optimising performance.

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Qualitative and quantitative key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics are developed to reflect the particular operating circumstances and unique requirements of our different client organisations. They are incorporated into performance contracts, service level agreements and performance management systems to promote and ensure operational efficiency, effectiveness and ongoing performance enhancement.