Employee Involvement, Motivation & Commitment Enhancement

At RA Consulting, we adopt a scientific approach to the enhancement of employee involvement, motivation and commitment. This approach couples the theory and principles of behavioural science with our commercial and business experience. Benchmark levels of, for example, employee involvement, commitment and motivation are assessed when diagnosing an organisation’s ‘current state’. Improvement is quantified after assignment completion.

In assessing an organisation’s ‘health’, we consider key ‘hygiene’ factors such as internal equity, conditions and relationships, benefit arrangements, company policies, culture and trust. The strength of the ‘psychological contract’ is assessed and factors which may exist to undermine this contract are identified. Motivation and commitment levels are also evaluated and shortfalls are identified, either across the organisation, or within specific sub-populations.

A high-level blueprint for a more involved, committed and motivated workforce is developed - consistent with the organisation’s business strategy, competitive positioning and culture. This blueprint is ‘stress tested’ with key decision makers before an agreed position is adopted.

Interventions necessary to support the transition from the current to the future state are identified and associated action plans are agreed. A ‘toolkit’ is developed which may include structures and systems to support communications, objective setting, recruitment, selection, participation, equity and reward systems. Such tools are identified and applied in order to address ‘hygiene factors’ and support the promotion of the psychological contract.

Thereafter, motivational strategies are designed to optimise employee performance and support the achievement of the organisation’s objectives. Elements of equity theory, goal setting and expectancy theory are used in the design of customised interventions to support your particular business circumstances and requirements. Relevant internal systems and structures are considered in developing the interventions which will support employee commitment, achievement and competitive advantage. Real and quantifiable employee and organisational benefits subsequently accrue on the basis of enhancements in employee motivation, commitment and involvement.