Communicative & ‘Employee Voice’ Strategies & Systems

At RA Consulting, we work with client organisations to develop communicative and employee voice systems and strategies which meet their particular operating circumstances and address communicative requirements in a proactive manner. Our interventions are designed to eliminate communication vacuums and to ensure that the organisation ‘manages the message’ and associated perceptions.

Whether your organisation is seeking to maintain a non-union position or wishes to supplement existing communicative arrangements to promote commitment and more effective staff relations, we design strategies and systems to meet your specific requirements.

Our consultants have specific experience and expertise in the establishment of staff associations and alternative ‘voice mechanisms’ (including the configuration, constitution and election of representatives) as well as the development of more general communicative systems such as ‘skip-level briefings’, ‘workshop’, ‘open book management’ and other arrangements.

Our strategies and systems are designed to ensure, not just that potential issues are identified and managed, but also to promote employee involvement, commitment and support for organisational strategy and action.