Client/Customer & Employee Satisfaction Surveys

We design and administer customer satisfaction and employee attitudinal surveys which are customised to meet the particular requirements and operating circumstances of our client organisations. Whether you are interested in identifying issues which may affect customer satisfaction/retention, or employee productivity and morale, survey questionnaires are designed to reflect your specific requirements and operating circumstances.

Only consultants who have a background and experience in behavioural science are used to design, develop and undertake satisfaction and attitudinal surveys. An empirical approach and tested survey research methodologies are also applied to ensure that survey results are valid, robust and reliable.

Focus group workshops are organised to identify and probe issues which inform the design of survey research questionnaires. Prior to undertaking employee satisfaction surveys, we develop accompanying communicative interventions which are designed to manage employee outcome expectations and optimise participation rates.

Comprehensive reporting of results and statistical correlations are provided to ensure that your organisation is positioned to optimise the value associated with the survey research. Our experienced change management consultants are also available to design and implement solutions to issues or challenges which are identified during the research process.