Change Management Solutions & Supporting Interventions

To support the design and implementation of change management interventions within client organisations, RA Consulting has developed its proprietary ‘5 Factor Model’ to facilitate the diagnosis of organisational culture, human resources, systems, strategy, structure and environment. This diagnostic model is employed to ensure that a fluid and systemic view of the target organisation is developed. It is also used to identify and gain a comprehensive understanding of all the variables which impact upon your operations. Careful diagnosis ensures that we identify not just symptoms, but critically, their root causes.

Upon completion of the diagnostic phase, we engage the organisation’s key decision makers and prepare a high-level blueprint which defines the transition. After this has been modified and agreed, we conduct risk and probability analyses and develop the associated strategies necessary to support the delivery of the new organisation. Before completing this definition, we assess the organisation’s ‘state of readiness’ to ensure that the change which is being proposed is realistic in view of its history, culture and operating circumstances. On the basis of this review, we decide on collaborative or coercive models and plan incremental or transformative change strategies as appropriate. The cost of change and leadership requirements are also identified so that all agents may be clear about their roles and project risks.

After the blueprint for change has been ‘stress tested’ and agreed, we develop the detailed action plan and identify the specific interventions necessary to ‘unfreeze’, change and ‘refreeze’ or consolidate this change.