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Involvement, Culture, Change & Communications

Our Involvement, Culture, Change & Communications service line offers solutions in a number of interrelated areas which range from the design and administration of client/customer and employee satisfaction surveys to change management solutions, and from the development of motivation/commitment enhancements to the introduction of ‘employee voice’ and other communicative structures/systems.

  • Client/Customer & Employee Satisfaction Surveys

    Whether you are seeking to identify the issues which adversely affect customer satisfaction/retention or employee productivity and morale, we work to develop customised climate and attitudinal surveys which are designed to identify and address underlying issues.

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  • Change Management Solutions & Supporting Interventions

    In assessing requirements and designing change management interventions, we apply our proprietary ‘5 Factor Model’ which has been developed to facilitate accurate diagnosis and identify options/requirements which ‘fit’ with the client’s operating circumstances.

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  • Employee Involvement, Motivation & Commitment Enhancement

    We adopt a scientific approach to the enhancement of employee involvement, motivation and commitment. This approach couples the theory and principles of behavioural science with our commercial and business experience. Options and blueprints for a more involved, committed and motivated workforce are developed, i.e. consistent with the organisation’s business and HR strategies.

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  • Communicative & ‘Employee Voice’ Strategies & Systems

    We develop communicative and employee voice systems and strategies which are designed to address staff communication and consultative requirements within unionised and non-union environments. Our interventions are designed to eliminate communication vacuums and to ensure that the organisation ‘manages the message’ and associated perceptions.

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