Personnel Policies & Procedures

In addition to providing performance and strategic human resource consultancy services, RA Consulting also works with client organisations to develop internally and externally consistent personnel policies and procedures. We review your existing arrangements to identify any issues or gaps which may have the potential to leave your organisation exposed from either a legislative, operational or competitive perspective.

A review of your organisation’s recruitment policy and procedures might, for example, highlight an approach to reference checking or probationary reviews which increases the risk of retaining unsuitable personnel. Alternatively, you may be found to be in a state of non-compliance with equality and anti-discrimination legislation. In evaluating such policies, we work to limit your exposure to the risk of litigation, as well as the associated financial, time and adverse publicity costs.

Once policy gaps or shortfalls have been identified, we propose high-level redress solutions which are reviewed with your key managers to ensure that they ‘fit’ with your organisation’s culture. Managerial involvement is also considered to be important if revised policies are to be owned, implemented and supported by your management team.

By developing personnel policies to support key areas of your business, your organisation benefits from a more structured and equitable approach to the management of personnel. Such policies and arrangements also act to discourage legal challenges and successfully defend such challenges where they do arise.