Legislative Compliance & Best Practice

At RA Consulting, we audit clients’ personnel policies and procedures to identify areas of potential legal exposure and to ensure full legislative compliance. We also review certain aspects of your operations/approaches to people management to identify practices which may be found to be problematic, should they be subjected to third party scrutiny.

To this extent, we consider not just what your organisation’s policy position is, but more importantly, the practices which actually exist. In the absence of internal compliance, policy guidelines are of little benefit where legislative challenges arise; it is for this reason that we look beneath policy to evaluate practice.

Our interventions in this area are designed to ensure that your organisation is positioned to discourage costly and time consuming compensation claims and also to ensure that they can be defended successfully in situations where spurious claims are pursued.

In assessing your policies and procedures, we identify best practice solutions which not only ensure compliance, but also enhance employee commitment and organisational competitiveness. To this extent, we use the opportunity to provide you with solutions to your medium as well as short term requirements.