Pay, Reward & Incentive Strategies & Systems

To be effective, an organisation’s pay and reward strategy should be integrated with its broader corporate strategy and competitive positioning. At RA Consulting, we design strategically integrated pay and reward strategies which motivate and incentivise employees to pursue agreed objectives, regardless of their role or level within the organisation.

Whether your organisation is positioned to compete on customer service, quality, cost or innovation, we design integrated pay and reward strategies which support the achievement of corporate objectives and promote competitive advantage. These customised strategies are supported by strategically integrated pay and reward systems which ensure that strategic intent is effected and ‘operationalised’.

The systems which support the pay and reward strategy are generally integrated with your organisation’s performance management system; this, in turn, drives the reward process and ensures equity and the achievement of objectives.

We design and customise ‘graded pay’, ‘broadband’, ‘job range’ and ‘job family’ structures to meet your needs and support organisational success. In all cases, solutions are identified to incentivise individual and team performance, while paying particular attention to variables such as e.g. the age, professional and related profiles of your workforce. To this extent, pay strategies and systems are designed to ‘fit’ with the organisation’s particular circumstances and requirements.