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Compensation & Benefits

RA Consulting’s Compensation & Benefits service line is dedicated to providing strategically integrated compensation and benefits solutions. These range from compensation and benefit benchmarking to the development and implementation of strategically integrated pay and reward strategies and related systems.

  • Compensation & Benefits Benchmarking

    In designing compensation and benefit benchmarking exercises, we review existing rates and benefit arrangements against industry, sector and geographical norms. Clients’ relative positioning vis-à-vis labour market competitors is considered and appropriate pay policies are developed.

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  • Pay, Reward & Incentive Strategies & Systems

    Strategically integrated pay and reward strategies are designed to incentivise personnel to support and pursue organisational objectives. With clients’ particular requirements and operating circumstances in mind, we design and customise ‘graded pay’, ‘broadband’, ‘job range’ and ‘job family’ structures to meet specific competitive and operational requirements.

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  • Customised & Flexible Benefit Packages

    As benefit packages are often ‘taken for granted’ and may therefore represent a poor return on investment, we highlight their inherent value by designing flexible benefit packages and by introducing flexible options into existing packages. Our interventions are designed to engage employees in benefit selection such that underlying value is recognised and realised.

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